MHL Micro USB to male HDMI cable AM103

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  • Only MHL cable with 6.5 feet long HDMI cable and 6.5 feet USB cable
  • Skiva MHL HDMI cable allows you to connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Note 2 to HDTV/Home Theater system
  • Watch videos, pictures, & play games on your HDTV or Home Theater System
  • Charges the device while playing content so you don't run out of battery
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note 2 smartphones without needing any adapter


The Skiva MHL (Micro USB) to HDMI cable supports up to 1080p high-definition (HD) video and digital audio while simultaneously charging the connected device. The MHL (Micro-USB) to HDMI cable allows you to mirror your device's screen on large TV or projector. 
  1. Skiva MHL cable support for upto 1080p resolution. (Many other MHL cables only support 720p) 
  2. Mirror mode support. Content on LCD screen will show up on HDTV.
  3. Output from all applications to HDMI allowing you to use it for presentations. 
  4. Ultra Low Latency HDMI output allow you to play games on HDTV or Home theater system with best user experience. 
  5. High quality multi-channel digital audio over HDMI. 

List of devices supported:
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (all versions) 
  • Samsung Note 2 (all versions) 
  • For other devices please check Skiva's HD-X2/M102 cable
  • 6.5 ft

Box Content

  1. MHL Micro USB to Male HDMI cable